2018 Scholarship Winners

2018 South Side High School Alumni/Foundation Scholarship Recipients
Every year the Alumni Association awards scholarships to several outstanding students.     The Award Ceremony was Thursday, May 3, 2018, and the 2018 recipients are listed below… CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!!!!
Scholarship                   Length                           Amount                                   Recipient
Al Sheldon                  Renewable Once           $2,500/year                     Madison Horton
Jack Weicker                Nonrenewable            $2,000                              Elizabeth Gustin
Jennifer Manth I         Nonrenewable             $2,000                               Chloe Kersey
Jennifer Manth II       Nonrenewable             $2,000                               Sarah Norwalt
Mary Graham
2 YR Technical             Nonrenewable            $2,000                               Andres Nino
Mary Graham
4 YR                                Nonrenewable            $2,000                               Dolores Juarez
Lowell Coats                 Nonrenewable            $2,000                               Alexis Grider
Golden (Class of 72     Nonrenewable            $2,000                               Greg Adams
Langdon                         Nonrenewable            $2,000                               Kathryn Hart
Toy Hansen                   Nonrenewable            $2,000                               Mohammed Omar
General Endowment    Nonrenewable           $2,000                               Angela Mamani
Thanks to the generosity of our donors and Alumni Association members,
total Dollars awarded for 2018 is $22,500..

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