Reprint: Pete Bombard – Musical Notes from 1978 thru 1982

Pete Bombard

This editor/writer has said in past issues and says once again, the South Side Class of 1982 contributes more than their fair share to the life of Fort Wayne. We have celebrated their January ‘Party with a Purpose’ twice, but this year they also make news with their 35th reunion, the 60th class to graduate from South. One member has contributed in his own best way through music. Pete Bombard posts a top song from ’78 thru ‘82 each Throw Back Thursday.

Pete credits the ’82 class officers Patty Ashman and Janet Higgins Howard for “holding us together.” The ethnic and financial differences within the class created a melting pot and those differences “made South Side special for me,” he said. The time period and their upbringing made their particular class even more special. Pete remembers the principal of Fairfield Middle School calling their class “very special.” These elements made the combination of Fairfield and Geyer Middle Schools a smooth transition into South Side, he feels.

As Pete shows as he posts ’82 songs, music often knits seemingly disparate groups together. Teachers Earl Jackson and Dave Streeter played a big role in that process at South Side. Archer Arrows has noted both South Side band and music directors in past issues. Brian Mast ’82, Doug Hofherr ’81 and Karla Reinking Hofherr ’81 also cited Jackson and Streeter in past issues as outstanding teachers who prepared them to play well at college level and to appreciate music. Pete, too, enjoyed that instruction, his on both the flute and saxophone. In 1982 they took the South Side band to the Indiana State Band finals.

Pete calls music “one of the wonderful things about South Side.” Many agree. Another event that no doubt influenced this class was the March Flood of ’82. These are elements to be celebrated at the reunion of Pete and the South Side Class of ’82. They have much to be proud of and Archer Arrows appreciates their contributions to the life of Fort Wayne.