2017 Scholarship Recipients

Every year the Alumni Association awards scholarships to several outstanding students.

The 2017 recipients are listed below… CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!!!!

SCHOLARSHIP            LENGTH               DOLLAR AMT             WINNER

Al Sheldon                   Renewable once          $2,500 each year          Mikayla Caudill


Jack Weicker               Nonrenewable                  $1,000                      Elizabeth Gustin


Jennifer Manth           Nonrenewable                 $2,000                      Lily Weaver


Mary Graham

2 YR Technical        Nonrenewable                    $1,000                        Zin Hnin

4 YR                            Nonrenewable                 $2,000                       Daisy Diaz


Lowell Coats               Nonrenewable                $1,000                        Sydney Fisher


Golden                         Nonrenewable               $1,000                         LaDavie’a Shears


Langdon                      Nonrenewable              $1,000                         Elizabeth Pancake


General Endowment:     Nonrenewable $1,000 each          six recipients as follow:

Joseline Matias        Elliot Moe               Olivia Osmeier

Emma Shockley      Shelby Smith           Wendy Ruiz

Total Dollars Awarded for 2017                     $20,000